New synchronous motors of "ORION" project

The Company ORION-MOTOR LTD specializes on innovative projects in the field of electric drive systems, technology and automation of manufacture.  We have new technical solutions on linear and rotary synchronous motors on permanent magnets, and also on coordinate systems, electric drives and the equipment for different branches of industry, including for machine-tool construction, electronics, metallurgy and electric transport.

Motors and the coordinate mechanisms developed by our engineers, are successfully used in Germany (firms Walter, Volkswagen, LAT, LST), South Korea (Samsung), Taiwan (Hiwin), USA, Russia and Belarus (Ruchservomotor, Planar), and in other countries.

By the present time new design of synchronous motors of the project "Orion" is made and successfully tested (linear LSM-1-06 and rotary RSM-2-05 motors). Tests have shown, that our motors on the basic characteristics (specific thrusts, specific power, small heat losses), in 1.5-2 times excel world level.

In 2009 are developed and made pre-production models of synchronous traction motors of dimension-type line "Orion-18-1" for diesel-electric transport (videoclip "ORION-18-1-06") and are made design value of parameters of dimension-type line of synchronous traction motors "Orion-20" for a railway transport.




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